I started this site as a resource for myself, and for whoever else might have use of it. I work in the film industry and spend a lot of time looking for stills from different films as a reference point for framing, lighting, tone etc. The blog will be updated probably 3 times a week (or whenever I get the chance) with a selection of the best frames from a film of my choice.

I thought maybe I would post maybe 10 frames from any given film, I just went through my first selection Wendy and Lucy and ended up with over 60 frames, so I guess the scale of the project just got a lot bigger. I will keep updating untill I either run out of movies or run out of upload space.

I dont think I will be posting any thoughts on the films directly, I would prefer to allow the images to speak for themselves, but I would love to hear your thoughts and maybe we could get a conversation going in the comments section.

I do not own any of the rights to these images, if you are involved in any of the films and would like them taken down just let me know. And one last thing, remember that these images may well contain spoilers.