Thoughts on turning 500

Wow 500 hundred films! Really snuck up on me, I didn’t realise it was going to be today or I would have planned more of a to-do than this little note. On one hand it feels like a lot, not least because it all took an awful lot of time to put together. On the other hand it seems like only a drop in the ocean, as I can easily rattle off another 1000 films I want to feature here.

I started this site nearly 4 years ago, on a complete whim, I didn’t really know what I was doing (and in many ways I still don’t) but I knew there was a space in the internet for a resource like this. It’s stopped, it’s started, it’s sped up, it’s slowed down, but it has never gone away, and somehow it has grown itself into a site that I am immensely proud of.

To everyone who has commented, shared, followed, retweeted, clicked like, told a friend or got involved with the site in any way, I don’t possibly know how to thank you. It can be lonely work, work that I love, but lonely all the same, and every bit of help allows the site to grow further but also gives me fuel to keep working, because I know people use the site, for all kinds of reasons.


I intend to keep the site growing. And my aim at the moment is to have 1000 films in the archive by this day next year. More range of films, more ways to explore, just a fuller easier and more fun experience.

I love the site as it is, but I’m just so excited for what it can and will become. So keep those requests coming! Keep sharing, keep spreading the love, and keep seeking out good movies!

Your humble servant