Okay so slightly behind schedule (sorry for that) but the site has just passed 1000 posts.

Were 5 years old now and half of the films on the site have been posted within the last year. It was a crazy goal I set myself  and though I just slightly missed the target I’m pretty proud and amazed at the work that’s gotten done this year. A big thank you to everyone who has visited/commented/shared/retweeted/messaged me to say what the site means to them.

There’s loads planned for the next year, next week will see the first week where I let someone else curate a week on the site, so all the choices of films are theirs, I’m super excited for that (if you want to curate hit me up, I’ll see what I can do) And a few big directors which haven’t been featured yet will get their own silly pun day series (KuroSataday will happen this year)

I can’t lie to you guys, I get tired and disheartened a lot of the time. This site takes a huge amount of work on my behalf, and I rotate between being immensely proud, and wondering whats the point. I’ve still got a huge list of movies to do, and an even bigger list of movies to watch so I can then do them. At times I feel like I HAVE to watch something new every day and that can suck the joy out of it entirely.

The best compliment that also crushes me is “This is amazing how did I not know it existed” and I still get it regularly. I’m trying my best to promote the site as I can, but I could really use your help. I am literally one guy sitting at a computer toiling away, trying to bring out the best in these movies and share them with the world, every “like”, re-tweet etc etc is a huge help both emotionally and practically. Plenty of people mourned the loss of my friend filmcaptures this year, but helping while it’s their is 1000 times more helpful than mourning when its gone.

I’m sorry to complain, and I’m not really I guess. I’ve other projects I’d like to have the time and energy to work on (and I’ll be shooting a feature before the year closes woop woop) but I’d like to be able to shift focus without worrying about this site withering. So I guess this is as open a request for YOUR help promoting the site, you use it, you’re reading this right now (if you’ve made it this far) go tell a friend, post it to social media, your blog, mention it on your podcast, try and steer conversations with family members towards the joys of filmgrabbing 😛

Just posting this has made me feel better, I guess I needed to get some thing off my chest. The next year is going to be super exciting, and though I probably wont get to another 500 films, I hope I wont be too far off. As always keep those requests coming, feel free to say hi I’m super easy to contact through here, Facebook or even better yet Twitter.

Thanks for all the support