Get your project/brand/company seen by close to 40,000 unique film lovers a week by advertising on FILMGRAB. In an effort to platform smaller film industry creators and present the FILMGRAB users with ads relevant to their interests, we want to move away from autogenerated banner advertisements and work with individual film-makers, film festivals and industry professionals to create dynamic advertisements on the site in line with your marketing budget.

We are flexible with the kind of creative design or ad type you’d like to run and hope to create a rotating calendar of ad space takeover so the site is solely marketing one short film, film, tv show, festival or company at a time. Since January of 2020 we have already celebrated 1,000,000, unique visitors with over 10,000,000 page views spanning a global audience of film lovers.

For more information with regards to the site’s traffic, audience and performance; or to arrange a phone-call with the site’s Ad sales manager in order to discuss your campaign and the kind of creative we can generate for your advertisement run – contact:

Ad space with FILMGRAB includes:

  • A custom AD design
  • The opportunity to market your project to a weekly audience of 40K unique visitors with an interest in film
  • Responsive support & a finalised performance report upon Ad run completion
  • Sincere gratitude for helping to sustain The Filmgrabber’s journey of posting a film a day – we know FILMGRAB is used by film industry professionals at the pre-production stage when it comes to creating lookbooks, film researchers, educators and lecturers in the classroom and film lovers at home, your direct advertising spending will help to sustain our efforts and curb the weight of the hosting costs.