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13 Replies to “Patreon”

  1. Thanks for this wonderful site, it’s a great idea.

    May I suggest a few B&W possibilities? (I see that others have mentioned some of my faves already, like A Man and a Woman and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf) How about Sweet Smell of Success (MacKendrick, Wong Howe), The Miracle Worker (Penn, Caparros), The Wrong Man (Hitchcock, Burk), or some of Wyler’s B&W, especially, Dodsworth (Mate), The Letter (Gaudio), or The Best Years of Our LIves (Toland).

    Howsomever, I’ll be visiting often; happy viewing!

  2. With greatest admiration for your work and May I suggest The very good photography of Paolo Sorrentino’s La grande bellezza

  3. Another film beside La grande Belleza That I was astonished is Lars von Trier’s Melancholia and thank you again for your work

  4. Do Arrival or La La Land (or both)! they are both fantastic films that NEED to be on this amazing website!

  5. No Blake Edwards movies? He always shot in gorgeous anamorphic and featured beautiful production design. If I donate, can you do some of his movies? And maybe some more John McTiernan? He’s another guy who always shoots anamorphic with beautiful results.

  6. Hello,

    Is there an email address I can reach out to regarding obtaining a screenshot for a client? It’s a scene from The Godfather which is not currently on your site, but my client would like to have a photo hung in our hotel .. Hotel Edison (where scenes were shot). Please let me know.

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