Director: Kelly Reichardt

Director of Photography: Sam Levy

Production Design: Ryan Warren Smith

Costume Design: Amanda Needham

Year: 2008

4 Replies to “Wendy and Lucy”

  1. This really is a gorgeous movie; I’ve taught it (in tandem with Jon Raymond’s short story “Train Choir”) and if I teach it again, I’d like to use these wonderful screen grabs.

    1. Wendy and Lucy is fast becoming one of my favourite films of the last decade…Will have to check out Train Choir!

      Glad you have use of the stills, I had a feeling that a lot of different people would be able to use them for a load of different projects!

  2. I thought this was a poignant and visually stunning film. A very good choice for a cinematography blog 🙂

    I have just started a blog reviewing classic and contemporary movies and recently chose this gem. Check out my review:

    Well done again, very nice!

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