FilmGrab’s library comprises over 2500 separate films and 160k images all hand picked, representing the most comprehensive library of film shots on the internet.

What started as a personal blog to share reference images for a script in pre production has over the past decade grown into an invaluable resource for film makers and creatives the world over.

FilmGrab aims to share its love of films from every era, every genre, and from a diverse range of artistic voices. We only host 2 kinds of films here, beautiful films you love and beautiful films you haven’t seen yet.

177 Replies to “Mission Statement”

  1. I’d like to see Amelie in there. I know its an obvious choice but its a great looking film!

    1. Absolutely! Amelie is my all time favourite film from every aspect. It is shot stunningly. Amazing jib/crane/remote-head shots and the colour grading is superb.

  2. Hey,

    This is really great idea. I am a fashion photographer and film captures can be a really great source of inspiration.
    Also, i would recommend you some movies to captures: Baraka, Revolver, My Blueberry Nights.

  3. Brilliant idea. Glad you put this out there for all to see. Like Holger said, it’s a great inspiration. Found this in link in the comments section for The Informant on IMDB, and want to say thinaks and great job. I will be visiting this site often.

  4. I would really like to see Firefly on here. I think the cinematography in that movie is brilliant. Especially the night stuff around the campfire.

  5. Im actually slowly making my way through watching the show for the first time.

    Though at this rate I should watch the film by… 2016 or so. So expect it then, unless those damn Mayans and their calender are to be believed!

    I’ll get to it as soon as I can πŸ™‚

  6. This is an incredible resource for anyone working in the film industry or investigating it as a student. But so much more, a totally gorgeous site. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, delighted people are finding it useful!

      Got any requests?

      Anyone want to help promote the site? Find your favourite film we’ve done so far and post it to your facebook, or twitter, or blog if you’re so inclined). I’m not looking for crazy exposure, but I do want to find people who will enjoy the site and find it useful.

      1. I’m so glad to be back here — I found the blog this summer (my original comment being July 31 ’10), forgot to bookmark it, and spent hours trying to find my way back, agonizing that I’d reset my browser, scouring my history, etc.
        Anyway, no worries now, as you’re sitting firmly atop my bookmarks bar.
        And finally, I do have a request, for a classic (and maybe in honor of Sundance this week?):

        Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

      2. Welcome back, and what a great suggestion for a post (consider it added to my to do pile)

        Hopefully as time goes by the site will become easier to find.

      3. I love your site ( I am a dp and use it all the time ) I would love to see “sky fall” and ” jarhead “

  7. Wow, yeah this really is such a helpful and beautiful site! I’m hoping to get into cinematography myself and I find this really useful!

    Would LOVE if you did Atonement as I think its one of the most beautifully shot films ever! Thanks

  8. Atonement is actually a film I’m really ashamed to say I havent seen, it’s shown on TV quite a bit so I havent felt the need to buy i, but I always seem to miss it when its on.

    I will rectify this ASAP!!!!

  9. North by Northwest Would be a good movie to have on hear. I just watched it again tonight, of my all time favorite films. So many iconic shots.

    1. I totally agree. North by Northwest is a masterpiece allround. When I was learning to be a camera technician this film was shown to us during lectures.

  10. I’m glad you created this. I’ve always wondered how directors/ and camera people decide to frame something in order to tell the story. We can only see what’s on the screen, but never what is to the left or right. Can you find “Once Upon A Time in America” “Good Bad and Ugly” and “Days of Heaven?” If you’ve got them here, I’m sorry for the repeat.

  11. Days of Heaven is on here, just take a look in Movies A-Z, i’ll hopefully do a Leone week at some point.

    So many movies so little time!

  12. Great stuff!

    I’m jumping on the Hitchcock bandwagon.

    Also, any John Carpenter movies would be cool, especially his low budget early efforts like ‘Assault on Precinct 13’ and ‘Halloween’ (probably a good reference for low budget lighting and so on). Although, his bigger budget effort ‘The Thing’ would be most excellent….

  13. Excellent news!
    I watched ‘Hardware’ by Richard Stanley recently, and was really impressed by the setups and compositions in that movie (especially as it is a low budget b-movie). The lighting was especially beautiful, lots of unusual lighting setups using small spotlights and light projections from video screens. The colours used in the movie cycled slowly around the spectrum until the end when everything suddenly became bright and white. Worth having a look at if you can get a hold of it…

  14. OldBoy, seriously, beautifull movie.
    Also Apocalypse now has some fantastic cinematography.

  15. Oldboy looks amazing, but its not a film I love, so I don’t have it in my collection… but I know plenty of people I can borrow from so I’m sure it will get done at some point.

    I actually only have Apocalypse Redux on DVD and will do it when I get the regular version!

  16. As it disturbs me, unbelieveably I only have Once Upon a Time In America in my collection, would love to do some of the westerns… but there seems to be so many different boxsets that overlap each other and I never buy them… Ill get on it!

  17. I’m surprised you have Halloween for Carpenter but not The Thing. Even the lens flair in that film is pretty.

  18. Very good site, although I have only seen a small percentage of the films presented so far, I greatly appreciate the screenshots. The Kubrick films are especially very intriguing and unusual. Some other films with memorable images you could make are Casino, Children of Men and The Godfather Part II.

  19. Love the site. May I suggest some Bertolucci, or anything else photographed by Vittorio Storaro? He is, in my opinion, the greatest color DP, ever.

  20. I didn’t really enjoy Avatar, that said I think every kind of film has its place here.

    Some day I’m sure I’ll borrow it off someone and grab frames, but I have no idea when that will be!

      1. Open range is one I wouldn’t have thought about but yeah its quite beautiful, thinking back on it I remember being amazed by the expansive skies!

        Thin Red Line is one of my favourite movies ever, Im just waiting to get the Criterion Edt before I grab frames… dunno when Ill be able to afford it!

  21. Yes I was surprised at how much costner was able to fit into frame on Open range and the mission would probably be in my top three films for cinematography. Probably…

  22. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. One of the best resources I’ve ever found on the internet.

    And I love it that they’re indexed by DP and Director as well as film title.

  23. I’m loving this! I was looking for a still of the waltzers scene in Adventureland as it’s so beautiful and got directed here. Thanks πŸ™‚

  24. I read you were going to put up stills from Solaris (1972) any idea when you’ll have that up? I saw the post was from a while ago so I was just wondering what was going on with that.

    My other recommendations would be Delicatessen and The City of Lost Children, both directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

    Thanks in advance

  25. Hey D

    Hope alls well. Keep trying to find this site. Bookmarked now. Just to say its a great source for trying to convey ideas to cast and crew alike. Keep up the good work dude. Rob K

  26. Hi,
    Highly recommend a film that has inspiring photography. It’s Xavier Dolan’s “Heartbeats”.
    Keep up the great work on your site. If you need help, instead of asking people to send DVD’s you could also allow them to send you a few stills themselves (which you could select as you wish). Just a thought. I’d be glad to do this for the film Heartbeats.
    It’s grand πŸ™‚

  27. Hi,

    i really like your screenshots, i made a website,, this is very close from what you do, you can register and post your screenshot, and there is a search engine, to find picture ( the engine not working very well for the moment but it will very soon )

    hope you gonna like it.


  28. First off, absolutely love the site! I do this myself, save my favorite stills from movies I watch, but it’s no where near as comprehensive as yours – I’ve actually stole a few stills from here for my own personal collection, shhhh πŸ˜‰ I actually stumbled upon this blog after looking for a topic thread discussing the breathtaking cinematography in Paris, Texas on IMDB; and now after browsing through, I’d added a few more films to my mental list (namely some Godard stuff).

    Now I’m sure I’m not the first to show my disbelief at its absence but, where’s Il Conformista (The Conformist) (1970)? This is, in my opinion as well as innumerable others, probably one of the top 5 most beautifully shot films of all time. It’s so mesmerizing that you fail to notice the haziness of the plot. I’m certain you will need more than your standard 60 frames to capture the full breadth of its beauty! That and may I suggest, Metropolis (1927), Stranger on the 3rd Floor (1940), Faust (1926), One Hour Photo (2002), The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920), The Searchers (1956), Lawrence of Arabia (1962), E.T. (1982)… I’m sorry, now I’m not only nerding out but I’m imposing as well.

    Anyways, I really hope your eye and health have improved and will further improve because your blog is a real gem to behold and your fans and followers want more!

    Take care my friend,

    Matthew Leeb

  29. I have a suggestion: Eraser Head by David Lynch. Some amazing stuff in there. should be available at the library even.

  30. Hi, great site! I’m in search for stills from The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover and Le Grand Bouffe. Do you have any of these? And how can I get stills of dvd’s myself?

  31. Hi Maurice, I actually dont have either on DVD but i will keep an eye out and add them to my “to do” pile.

    If you want to do it yourself the best option is a free program called VLC (its great for playing all types of video) just watch the movie and hit the snapshop button whenever youve got a shot you want

  32. Hey there.
    I’ve been ducking into this site on and off for a few years now and I think I’m long overdue in thanking you for putting these films up like this. I hope your health is better and thank you so much for this wonderful gift of a site. All the very best to you.

  33. Hey, i don;t know if you have heard of a swedish Movie called ” Everlasting Moments” but it would really help me if you could put the still on your website. Thanks.

  34. Hey, I know people here are probably more on the “intellectual” side of film taste, but maybe you will enjoy this “movie moments” trailer anyway. For me those are (some of) the moments I watch movies for. Incredible cinematography meets a great scene and/or music.

  35. Hey, can you post the film grabs of Delicatessen? It is shot by Darius Khondji. Would appreciate it. Thanks.

  36. Great site. It would be even better if you included the name of the production designer alongside the director and cinematographer.

  37. I’ve considered expanding the credits section, I’d love to be able to include costume designers/production designers/actors etc etc … I’m just very wary of it making the site messy and more difficult to navigate (not to mention upkeep)

  38. What about Minority Report? The lighting is amazing. Anyway, you’re doing a great job. Is it possible to get an offline version for better use in schools?

  39. I will get around to doing Minority report soon… maybe I should do a month of Sci Fi!

    There’s a link at the bottom of every post to a download of all the pictures featured. If you need anything else just let me know what you need and I’ll see what I can do!

    1. Great site! I would love to see stills of Lincoln. Could be one of Janusz Kaminski’s best. Beautiful lighting. Every frame looks like a painting.

  40. This is an incredible resource, thank you so much for your work so far! I would also love to see Amelie up here.. and Avalon and Run Lola Run.

    Keep up the wonderful work. Thanks again.

  41. Amelie is up, just check the A-Z. I have a post ready for run lola run, Ill post it soon hopefully. Havent seen Avalon, but I like Levinson a lot so must track it down.

    1. I highly recommend it. It was somewhat overlooked I think. In addition to the beautiful cinematography it spools out the story with a captivating creepy gothic tone. Hope you enjoy it.

  42. Your site is an absolute gem, and I am lucky to have discovered it! Its a blessing for movie lovers as we have all scourged the internet for movie imagery. Thank you and obviously you have a new fan and follower πŸ™‚


  43. Hey there. Love your site, beautiful stills! I woud love to see stills from Kubrick’s Lolita here. I saw it today on the big screen and it has some stunning shots. Just a suggestion. Cheers! Again, your site is wonderful πŸ™‚

  44. I spend all my left-over minutes in here. I do feel more and more addicted to your site. Kassovitz’ “La Haine” belongs in your great collection of stills.
    Thank you for taking my time over and over again.

    Regards from Copenhagen

    1. Glad you like the site, it takes up all my spare time too πŸ™‚

      Couldn’t agree more, sadly my DVD of La haine has hard coded subtitles so I have to try track down a different version

  45. I’d love any more Bergman if you can! Especially anything from Fanny & Alexander or Hour of the Wolf.

    Great site!

  46. Hey, I don’t know if your workflow involves a mac or a pc, but in case you are on mac, check out the app snapflow, it may speed up your screenshot taking and managing. I use it to break down scene I’d like to study, and it’s pretty good. FYI.

  47. Hi Loved your site, It gives a lot of information about cinematography, indeed.. Fell in love.

    But one more request. If you could spend little more time, explaining the scene ( not the movie ) but the technology involved, your take on whys ( like why the there was no backlighting etc) , techniques , camera angle etc. would prove a lot a lot helpful for anyone who is interested in movie making.

    Please please

    1. Hi Abhiram,

      Thank you! Glad you like the site! I don’t tend to go into too much (or any) details about the films for 2 reasons.

      1) I would encourage people to make up their own minds about the films, and why they think certain choices were made. There’s lots of ways to find out the info you’re looking for, dvd commentaries, online interviews, podcasts. If theres something that interests you seek out the info.

      2) It already takes so long to put these posts together, on average every post takes at the very least 2 hours, often longer. If I added a text piece to every post, I imagine Im adding at least an hour to every post, which doesnt seem like much but it adds up quickly. I much prefer to use my time in making posts for other films.

      Which is not to say that I won’t discuss any of the films on the site, I just can’t do it as standard. If there is a film (or films) your interested in go to the page and start a conversation, ask a question, or more importantly tell me what YOU think, what you like, what intrigues you. I will 100% make time to respond to them.

  48. dont know if this is possible with wordpress, but would be great to have the option for users to submit tagging information to frames. Just basic info though and not too specific, … as a way to find all the ‘Car’ shots for example. I would think most people use this site for reference so this could be quite a nice feature.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Hey, I’ve gotten that suggestion before, and it’s a great idea for sure. I looked into it maybe a year ago and there didn’t seem to be a viable way to do it, but I will look into it now, these systems change so maybe there’s a way to do it

      Thanks for the input!

  49. Thank you for the work that you have put into developing and keeping this site up. It’s a very useful resource and i use it often. I have been trying to download the still of new movies that have been uploaded for example, Aint them bodies saints. However, i keep getting the zip files for 2046. Maybe its worth a look. Thanks again for all the references up here.

  50. Hi Vivian!

    Thanks for the heads up, that issue is now sorted. I’ve built the site myself so at times little errors like that happen, I really appreciate you letting me know so I can remedy them. If you come across any more problems let me know, also if you have any requests for films leave them here.

  51. This is such a fantastic resource! Been using this to storyboard and makes things so much easier! Thanks! Any chance of screen grabs for The Beat that my Heart Skipped, Upstream Color?

  52. I am visiting your site a lot lately for inspiration for my own blog. Our choice in stills is very much alike. It’s great to have a resource of stills by someone who has the same eye, but who sees different things. So I wanted to thank you for doing this and keep up the good work!

  53. Hello, my name is Vivian Xavier and i am a cinematographer and fan of this website because it is a fantastic resource. There is a movie i would like screen shots of. It is an Indian (bollywood) movie titled Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela (2013). I am looking for screen shots as resource for a feature i will be cinematographer on. If you can’t find the movie could you tell me how you get such fantastic screen shots? Thank you for this amazing website.

  54. Your site is the freaking best! You have such great taste and it’s always an inspiration to come here daily and see what’s new around here.

      1. Sure, I just watched A Single Shot by David M. Rosenthal, and it was very pleasing, the cinematography is very gritty and has a lot of texture also I finished watching Labor Day like an hour ago, directed by Jason Reitman, and the cinematography was really beautiful, full of warm tones and a very rural America feel to it, chek them out when you can.

  55. Your site is a really wonderful resource. I think you should include the names/give credit to the Production Designers of all the movies you’re posting.

  56. Hey there,
    I’m a big fan of your site and it’s always been something I wanted to create myself. I actually started to create somewhat of a copy of your site because admittedly I thought I could improve on it. But this was back before you changed the layout (which is a lot better now btw) and did some of the films I thought you were missing (which you’ve done mostly). After a few months, I realized it’s more work than I thought to screencap films and post them on a consistent basis especially since you’ve covered so much more ground than me and really there’s no sense in making something that already exists. So anyways, I’m writing you to let you know if ya need any help screen-capping or running the site, I’d be glad to help πŸ™‚

  57. I love the work you’ve done with the site. I am frequent visitor. As a working cinematographer, I find browsing the site incredibly useful and empowering. There’s no greater jumping point creatively than to be inspired by the great works of the past and creating a collection of films all in one place was a stroke of genius! Keep up the great work and know that it is very much appreciated!

  58. Thank you so much for the wonderful job you’re doing here, it’s so inspiring!
    I’ll keep waiting for new posts.

  59. Now that you’ve featured Rumble Fish, I would love to see stills from The Outsiders. For me, one of the most beautifully shot films of all time (also by Stephen H Burum). btw, visit your site daily…thanks!

  60. Hey,

    I love this!

    However, its unfortunate you have no movies from West Africa. Please put some of the essentials: Yeelen, Moolade, Touki Bouki, Heremakono, Guimba the tyrant, Xala.

    Thank you

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, ill be the first to admit im not an expert in Aftican cinema, but ill try track down those films and start from there

  61. There are dozens of screen capture sites and they all seem to have the same pattern when they do a highlight of a film. They capture in clusters. Meaning, they fast forward to a certain point in a film, grab a bunch of captures almost all within one scene, then fast forward again, leaving huge gaps in between.

    What I like about your pattern, is you do a nice distribution to make your representation. There’s never a large gap of real film time in between captures. It makes for a much nicer and well rounded representation regarding a suite of captures. Good job, keep up the pattern, it makes your screen capture site unique from the others.

  62. I love this site. I love cinematography, and now I can finally look at them and study the colors in stills. Have you seen The Hundred-Foot Journey? This film’s color is just amazing, and its shadow and light beautiful. I would love to see this film’s stills here. Thank you the site.

  63. About about some Kurosawa and Ozu… Such great design and deliberate compositions! Thanks!

  64. Be sure to take a look at the beautiful cinematography/DoPwork in “Pollock” sometime. Wonderful stuff.

  65. This site is my ultimate fantasy come true. I love movies, so I firmly believe that this is the best way to appreciate them in all its glory. If you don’t mind my request, I would like to see in the future the intense and haunting images from JAMES WAN’s “DEATH SENTENCE”, one of my all time favorite films. Congratulations for your magnificent collection, and please, keep bringing joy to our eyes. Best regards.

  66. I would love to see Moulin Rouge on here, there are definitely some shots in this movie that could be even better as a still image.

  67. Magnificent site and you’re doing a superb job.

    May I suggest the following: Pride & Prejudice (Joe Wright), The Fault In Our Stars, Drinking Buddies, Legends of the Fall, Witness, Tamara Drewe, Like Crazy, Wild, Transporter, Transporter 2, Mission Impossible, The Equalizer, London Boulevard and Casino Royale (2006).

  68. This is fantastic work, incredibly useful to analyze contrast and color in films over the years. I’d love to donate but not on the patron system. Is there any way of making a straight donation via PayPal ? Thanks for all your work.

  69. Thank you so much! This is a wonderful service, I’ve already pledged what I can but I’ll be sure to contribute even more now that the 2015 list is expanding… Thank you so much for your time and effort!
    – Keegan W.
    P.S. – Could you possibly upload pics from JAUJA; EXHIBITION; HORSE MONEY; PHOENIX – I believe these are all available on Netflix (America)… However, no pressure, no rush, what you’re doing now is great! However, some terrific, unique images can be found in those 4, very unique and original use of composition in Jauja, Exhibition, Horse Money, and Jauja boasts some beautiful image texture, while Horse Money is the most uniquely lit film I have ever seen! Phoenix is all around beautiful, elegantly composed in every way! Give them a watch if you have the time, even if you’re not able to upload frames!
    P.S.S. I am trying to convince as many friends and family members as possible to give what they can! Again, thank you for this service. So educational, so organized

    1. Hi Keegan,

      I will of course add them all to my to do list… more pressingly you won some Ayoade swag, I sent you a message over patreon but maybe you dont check that mail…. get in touch

  70. Would love to see more of Lumet’s work. Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico, Network, Prince of the City, and on and on! Thank you for this site! I’m a director who uses it often for tone references!

  71. hello! i’m a production designer working in LA and find your website to be an incredible resource. thank you for all your work! out of curiosity, have you ever though of adding the production designer’s name to the post as well? it would be wonderful to be able to search by pd as well as dp or director. for example, kk barrett has designed some of the most significant designs in recent film history, and it’d be quite insightful to search through his body of work. if you’ve thought about doing this but need helping logging all this info, I’d be happy to be part of the project!

  72. This is awesome! Quick question though. Would it be possible to upload future stills at 1080? The bigger they are the more useful for treatments and whatnot!

  73. I’ve been looking for stills from Cold Mountain for ages and was really hoping you’d have it! Any chance you’ll be adding this film? Thanks!

  74. hey! it would be awesome it you added La Teta Asustada to this list it is one of the most beautiful films i have ever seen

  75. Say what you will about Neon Demon, the script, acting etc, that’s another discussion for itself. The lighting, composition, camera work etc was pure genius! It was pretty much a 2 hour demo reel of sexy, mind bending shots.

  76. I just watched Notes on Blindness (2016) and while it’s not the best odcumentary, the cinematography is A-level, such a beautiful film to watch!

  77. This page is great!

    i’m waiting for “The Reveanat” – “The Bridge On The River Kwai” – “Django (1966) – Braveheart – A Trip To The Moon. THANK YOU

  78. Hi FilmGrabber!

    Thanks for creating this amazing resource. I just wanted to make a potential suggestion! Would it be possibly for you to include genre tags (ex. period piece, fantasy, sci-fi) into the categories segment of your descriptions, and maybe a link to a tag listing on your nav bar?

    I’m still sort of new to the world of cinema, so I’m still building my mental catalogue, and my work tends to require me to be able to seek some specific mood and lighting references.

    But yes, just a personal suggestion. Appreciate your work!

  79. Love this! Such an amazing idea, hope to see it grow.

    I would definitely recommend:
    – Mother of George
    – Gold Diggers of 1933
    – Perfect Sense
    – Selma

    Would also recommend La La Land, Moonlight and oddly enough The Lego Batman Movie when they become available.

    Keep up the good job!

  80. The only thing I think is lacking from this otherwise great website is the ability to search for tags.

    Also, a request for “Victoria” from 2015.

  81. I find your blog to be incredibly informative! I have a similar blog to yours in that I also post screenshots, but rather for the purpose of having a peek into what a movie is like without being spoiled. I find that it’s really hard work just making screenshots and compiling them together in a post for my blog. You go the extra mile of putting in the hard work to get everything perfect which is great. Keep up the good work!

  82. Any chance if we can get the Star Wars Prequels? Especially Revenge of the Sith?

  83. Hi!! As an idea, we could all throw in some tags, as I am always looking for references too, and your site has all we need except the tags! Say, I’m looking for scenes in a bus – wouldnt it be cool to search for #bus #interior and find all the interior bus shots from all the movies!?

  84. Hey, your mediafire account seems to be suspended. Not sure if you are aware because you’re still putting up links to download there. Thanks for all that you do. I love it!

  85. Great site, amazing resource. Question: I was previously able to download the entire set of images of any given film as a zip file. Has this option been removed? If so, is there a workaround? Thanks.

  86. Finally checking your site out & it’s incredible!
    Can you purchase any of these shots from a particular film? There are options for purchase US or purchase UK but it just takes you to Amazon’s site. Interested for personal use just framing & hanging.

  87. Hello, I just want to say to you, that your website, is my inspiration since 2016. This is my favourite website… Congrats, really congrats for all the work that you do!!!!!
    Saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  88. Hi! Is it possible for users to upload other movies/series too? I have my own archive only on my cp. And if so, what is your method for such good quality?

  89. Hello! I wanted to do this privately but this will do just fine. I am contacting you to see if it would be okay to use some of your images on a new blog I am going to launch mid October. The blog is going to be focused on movies; my favorites, ones I think people should watch and why, both from an educational perspective as well as my personal opinion.

    I am interested in using your content specifically because there’s never been a time when I’ve visited the site with a certain movie and scene in mind and it hasn’t been captured and available; you obviously have a beautiful eye and cinema knowledge.

    I will always give credit where credit is due and link your website anytime I’ve posted your images. I know you mention that you do not own these images, but reaching out still felt like the right thing to do in this situation. That being said, I will also take down any content that is asked of me.

    I hope we are able to collaborate, in a sense, on my upcoming blog! Please let me know if my using your content is okay and if there is anything else you’d like from me in those instances.

    Thank you!


  90. Hi there. Is it still possible to access the download function? It was so helpful for research etc. Love the site. Best wishes.

  91. Hi FilmGrabber! I’m a DP and avid user of your site!

    Of course, I have several requests as I’m currently preparing for a horror movie:

    The Eyes of My Mother
    The Childhood of a Leader

    Thank you!

      1. Hey Andrea, I’m based in NYC and it’s already shot. But let me know where you’re at and maybe we can collaborate on the next one!

    1. Hello Zach,

      I checked your website and it looks visually stunning.

      I am based in London (mainly as editor but also camera operator).

      I would love to get in contact with you and work for a future project.

      Let me know.


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