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  1. Jeunet seems to be a high amount of requests so ill have to track down DVDs (would Alien Resurrection do???)

    I have ashamedly not gotten around to watching Amores Perros, but its on my list! I really love Frida and its beautifully shot, so thanks for the reminder and expect to see that one soon!

  2. Amores perros is a great film with some really great camera work if I remember rightly.

    I think There Will Be Blood would be a great choice too. In fact I think I’ll review that one soon on my blog lol.

    I would also recommend Brick and Pi – both visually wonderful in their own very unique ways.



  3. I find that Asian cinematography has a completely unique style to it, it would be interest to see some reviews on some Asian films such as “Chunking Express” and “Thirst”. I found these films to have some extremely different and interesting shots compared to western cinema.

    1. I just finished watching 2046, and it really is beautifully shot. Hopefully it will make it up at some point.

      I am going to have to see if my local library has a decent selection of asian DVD’s as my own DVD collection is sorely lacking!

  4. Lots of beautiful films here!
    I’d love to see Days of Heaven and Children of Men honored here as well.
    And if you’re open to non-American films, The White Ribbon and Hero are certainly lovely films too. Plus, as mentioned before by others, everything by Jean Pierre Jeunet is beautiful.
    Thanks for a great collection of films!

  5. Just finalising my Days of Heaven post as we speak (or more like just before i started typing this).

    The White Ribbon was really excellent, I’ll probably do a Haneke week, or maybe a B&W Week.

    1. You’ll have to take a still of every frame with Tarkovsky. Haha. I’d recommend the Three Colours trilogy too. Immense cinematography!

  6. 2046 should definitely be added and even In the Moon for Love..and also One Hour Photo had some stunning cinematography

  7. I have a request, I haven’t watched this film in a while but I think you’ll enjoy the cinematography quite a bit. Its called Raise the Red Lantern by Yimou Zhang

  8. I was just about to say you should finish off your Mallick collection. Now only The Thin Red Line left to do.

    Some other requests I hope you get around to someday- No Country For Old Men, American Beauty, Road to Perdition, Sin City and maybe some LOTR.

    Great job guys.

  9. Glazer will get done at some point, I still have to buy Birth…if only for that jogging in the snow scene 🙂

    ill keep an eye out for Raise the Red Lantern, maybe I should start a donate a DVD option.

    Malick will be finished up soon, untill tree of life comes out that is, American Beauty is on the list, as are all of the movies you mentioned.

    Im eager to do a Coen brothers week, but a lot of my favourites are all out on loan from my collection!!!

    As for the “great job guys” thanks so much for that, but there is only one guy running this thing…. so many movies so little time!!!!

  10. Fantastic work here! Although I would, without question, include Unbreakable.

    Thank you for putting together this website though!

  11. Watchmen isn’t on the blog because I didn’t like the movie, that’s not to say that it wont get done (because there are some really wonderful scenes and frames) it’s just not high on my list of priorities… though if I get more requests (or if someone wants to mail me a DVD) Ill be sure to bump it up the list.

    Torque I havent seen, but actually do want to see (the wonderful Adam Scott is in it) like Watchmen, it could well get done but I have no idea when!

    Hope the trailer is helping drum up some funding for your film…its a great ides (I just wished the movies I made made good trailers)

  12. I’ve wanted to do a Coen week since I started, but 3 of my DVDs are in friends houses so I might wait till I get them back… or I might start trickling out some Coen classics soon.

    What a master of suspense I am!

  13. Just found out about this website. Awesome!
    For me, cinematography – besides muisc/score – is the most important thing in a movie (which actually should be obvious, since a movie is about MOVING IMAGES, but still most people seem not to care or “get” it). Great job on this site!

    You should add “Stay” (by Marc Foster) and “Mr. Nobody” (from 2009) to the list some day – probably the most beautiful cinematography I can remember seeing in films.

    Keep it up!

  14. It’s not film but it is cinema. I’ve recently been watching the Wallander series shot in part by Anthony Dod Mantle of “Slumdog Millionaire” fame and I have to say it is some of the most stunning visual poetry I’ve seen. Each episode is feature-length and everything about it is top notch; the cinematograpy, the setting, the most gorgeous lighting not to mention the acting.
    Shot entirely on Red One cameras. If you want to see what the future of digital cinema looks like check out this series.

  15. Crackin website!
    Really please to find some of my fave already on the list. What about The pianist, Royal tenenbaums or inglorious basterds?

  16. Hmm. Very nice collection! I’ve been obsessed with cinematography/post-prod ever since I screentested There Will Be Blood as a projectionist. I’ll watch anything with Elswit or Deakins at DoP, regardless of subject matter.

    Two films I think you might want to look into are;
    A Single Man, by Tom Ford.
    He even de-saturates and re-saturates colour hues within single shots, depending on moods. But generally, worth seeing for extreme production values and set dec, and a few interesting tricks for a first-time director. I think there are reflections in about 90% of the shots in the first act.

    The Fall, by Tarsem Singh.
    Simply the prettiest film I’ve ever seen. I watch it regularly to justify my purchase of a 50″ plasma screen at home. Tarsem is an extremely visual director, if lacking in the storytelling department. His previous film was The Cell, and although not well received critically overall, everyone agreed it was very, very pretty.

  17. Some great suggestions guys!

    A lot of them are in my to do pile, some I still have to get on DVD.

    I missed the Fall and A Single Man when they were in cinemas, have wanted to see them but just still haven’t gotten around to it….will do soon!

  18. i’d love to see stills from pulp fiction, jarhead (the oil wells are stunning) and american gangster

  19. Fantastic site.

    Maybe some Amores Perros would be nice, and Road To Perdition of course! Lovely idea though, great site.

  20. I really like your site, and share with your passion, love and appreciation of cinema. Keep the site up, glad I found it – there are so many movies that I’d like to see referenced here but I guess the top three that I’m interested in seeing you breakdown into 60 great shots would be …

    1. Barry Lyndon
    2. Apocalypse Now
    3. JFK

  21. Barry Lyndon is up (I did a week of Kubrick posts), I’ll do Apocalypse Now just as soon as I get myself the proper DVD (I only have redux).

    Oliver Stone was one of the first directors I really got into, and JFK was one of my favourite films… I guess Mr. Stone’s recent output hasput me a bit off him, but you’re absolutely right in suggesting JFK… I’ll get on it!

    1. the redux version of Apocalypse Now, is the propper version, I studied with Vittorio Storaro and I can stated that 🙂

  22. SURELY IT’S TIME FOR CITIZEN KANE! one of the greatest artistic films ever made, every shot is a masterpiece.

  23. Can you please please do “The Spirit of the Beehive” from Victor Erice. A truly beautiful film….

  24. Spirit of the Beehive is a film I have meant to watch for ages. So Id love to do it.

    (Edit) I just looked into it, and apparently the Region 2 UK DVD is in 4:3, which is the wrong aspect ratio for the movie….which means Ill have to wait till I have money to order the Criterion edition… Ill look some more into it see can I find a good copy.

    (Edit) I see the Uk DVD isnt actually cropped (significantly), but the criterion release has much nicer colours, and a nicer general transfer… better get saving!

  25. Wow, dude, just watched Valhalla Rising last night, it deserves a marquee spot on this list. Might even top The Fall and Van Dieman’s Land for insane cinematography in my own collection.

    Although full disclosure, I can’t buy it in New Zealand, so I had to somewhat slightly steal a 720p rip from the dark corners of the internet. Which was a bit of a boon, standard DVD quality won’t do this justice. I’ll still buy it on dvd though. Just let it sit on the shelf and watch the 720p.

    No entries for V in the list yet, so you gotta hit up Valhalla or Van Dieman’s asap!

  26. you could probably watch “The fall” by Tarsem singh. saw it couple of months back loved the cinematography.

  27. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but SNATCH is my favorite film of all time, precisely because of it’s cinematography. May be worth a look see for you.

  28. Stumbled upon your site and think it’s a great idea. Well done!

    May I recommend ‘Hero’ as future film for you to do? As the colours and cinematography in the film are just beautiful.

  29. All great suggestions, sadly I’m going to be limited a lot by whats in my collection!

    My friend lent me Holy Mountain and it looks great, so Im sure to get it in eventually!

    Keep those suggestions coming, gives me motivation to seek out stuff!

  30. I suggest “The Big Country” with Gregory Peck.

    A blu ray version has recently been released.

  31. Great blog! Thanks for doing this. I strongly recommend you check out “Heartbeats” by Xavier Dolan. It’s got inspiring cinematography (I think Stephanie Weber Biron, the DP, even won prizes for it’s cinematography). Would love to see it on your awesome blog.

  32. This is a great site and excellent resource. It would be pretty awesome if there were subcategories. Such as Interior and exterior locations. Night and day scenes. Scenes in Dining rooms, bedrooms and so on. Violent scenes, erotic scenes. Any way to break them down and make specific things easier to find.
    many thanks,

  33. Oh and whilst I did not enjoy the actual film itself, I thought that Conversations with other Women had some lovely shots!

  34. Adore the Rushmore stills – was elated to see there’s a still from the slow-mo scene of max in the elevator with the beehive box. Keep up the lovely work, looking forward to you expanding your collection!

  35. also, The Last Emperor, films by Fellini, Kurosawa, Bergman, more from the criterion collection would be amazing.

  36. I was quite surprised not to see “The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover”, directed by Peter Greenaway, in your list. This has got to be the most visually striking films that I’ve ever seen. You should definitely watch it; I’m sure that you’ll be blown away by it. Othwerwise, excellent choice of stills.

  37. I hear it looks great, and I have a copy here, just havent watched it yet, so gimme a chance to watch it and then i can do a post without spoiling it for myself

  38. Great job here. Some possible additions could be The Fountain, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, and Mr. Nobody.

  39. Is there a way to add stills form “Killing them softly” ,” Pineapple Express”,”All about my mother” ? Thank you.

  40. What a beautiful collection of films, I really appreciate your work. Might I add a suggestion or two? Come and See, a Russian film about WWII. Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking shots, the film still haunts me. Also a film called The Night of the Hunter, it’s a 50’s film but I was shocked at how unique and different (rather modern in my mind) the film looks from films of its time. It has gorgeous composition and lighting, it would make a wonderful addition to your list.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, amazingly enough they’re both in my “to do” list already… well maybe not amazing since the list is over 100 movies long, I better get cracking!

  41. Can you put up the stills for Billy Elliot? I was watching it recently. It has some good work by Brian Tufano.

  42. “The Conformist” by Bernardo Bertolucci is stunning. Shot by Vittorio Storaro, Coppola was so impressed by his work that he brought him to the US for Apocalypse Now. Check it out.

  43. I havent seen billy elliott in years but Ill try track down a copy for you.

    The Conformist will be posted this month, I have all the frames just need to put the post together

  44. I love your website, I would recommend you include Revolutionary Road, it has a great cinematography by the master Deakins. 🙂

  45. Hey Can you put up stills of “Before Nights Falls” and “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover”. Need it for an assignment. If you could , i would appreciate it.

    1. Hi, I have a copy of “the cook…” but havent gotten around to watching it yet, I will see what I can do (no promises) when do you need it by?

  46. A great looking film is Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. It’s simply stunning! I still am in awe of how “art house” and modern the movie looks. You’re doing a great job by the way!

  47. Good call, I only got around to seeing it a few months ago but absolutely loved it. Looks amazing, without being too showy, nichols knows when to stand back and just let the actors go for it… will definitely appear on the site soon!

  48. Thanks so much for doing this! a really brilliant selection, I’d forgotten how beautiful some of these films are (particularly Antichrist). Enter the Void and Irreversible would be nice additions.

  49. Thanks Elise! Irreversible is in my to do pile, and I have a copy of enter the void but my friend wont let me watch it until we set up a projector… what a jerk!

    1. No, I think your friend’s right! well worth going to the effort of a good screen 🙂

  50. Hi, I love your website and choice of films. Maybe you could put up some Mr. Nobody screencaps. Thank you for your time!

  51. I come to your brilliant website constantly for reference and sometimes to just look. Thanks again. I’d be thrilled to see: Wise Blood (Huston), Stranger than Paradise + Permanent Vacation (Jarmusch), If… (L. Anderson), Julien Donkey-Boy (Korine), Knife in the Water + Repulsion (Polanski), Last Tango in Paris (Bertolucci), and Risky Business.

    Motley suggestions, I know. Thanks again +100000000 for Two-Lane Blacktop and The Master.

  52. Paul, glad you like the site, everything (bar wise blood and risky business(really risky business?)) is already in my crazy long to do list, Ill add them sure. I’m itching to get them up but I am but one man, I’ll prob post Julien donkey Boy, Trash Humpers and Spring Breakers the week I get my hands on a copy. Ive a Polanski box set sitting beside me waiting fora few free hours… the others will get seen to too I promise

  53. hahaha that scene in Risky Business where Rebecca De Mornay is getting buck naked and the wind blows the door open is true cinema. I love the score in that film. “The dream is always the same.” I’ve got that sucker on blu-ray

  54. Hey!
    Have you considered Mr. Nobody directed by Jaco Van Dormael. I think the use of color in the film is beautiful and there are so many great shots.
    Hope you considered it!
    This is a great site

  55. I love the work you’re doing here, and I use this site as a reference constantly.

    I think the addition of Mystery Train by Jarmusch would be amazing. The color cinematography by Robby Müller is almost as excellent as his work on Paris, Texas.

  56. Lets not say something well regret in the morning jm! I love mystery Train but Paris Texas is in a league of its own!

    I actually am prepping a post on Mystery Train now, should be up in the next month or two

  57. you should add a donate section, so you can buy more movies, Btw what is your workflow for grabbing stills?

    1. Hi Arturo, Ive considered having a donate button, but I feel bad for asking for money, maybe I’ll post an amazon wishlist so people can contribute in that way sending me movies I want to feature on the site.

      My workflow is thus
      1. Make a to do pile, its a combination of recommendations, stuff Ive been enjoying myself, stuff I want to rewatch…. i try to keep a mix of styles.genres/directors and DP’s so I dont get bored while working.
      2. I watch through the movies on VLC, usually between 3x and 4x speed while listening to podcasts, grabbing any frame that interests me. Depending on mood I could spend a few hours just doing the grabbing
      3. This usually leaves me with around 200-250 frames per film. So the next step is to edit, usually there might be a week or 2 between the first grab and this edit stage. I view all the frames as a slideshow and I remove any frame that there are doubles of (someone might be blinking in first frame and normal in second) or remove any that seem less interesting this time around.
      4. I’m then left with usually around 80-100 really interesting frames. I go through the folder again (immediately)looking at the frames on large preview and try and remove frames that replicate a certain lighting style or framing. and bring down the number of stills to my 60-65 golden number.
      5. I run the images through a batch encoder with Irfanview to get rid of black borders on the image , rename the files, and conform them to jpg.
      6. Upload the images to wordpress and in zip form to mediafire, format up the post link everything as necessary, and I’m done

      1. Hi could you please tell me how you get the frames? i tried using screen capture while the movie plays on the computer dvd player and i just got grey squares where the picture should be

      2. I use a program called VLC which has a “Take Snapshot” function, Ive added Your requests to my to do list… but its an awfully long list, will try get to them as soon as possible but it may be months

      3. Could you please tell me exactly how you remove the black borders on the frames with infranview? do you just manually crop it?

      4. 1 more thing (sorry about all the questions i just want to know how i can do this myself) do you use normal DVDs or blu rays, and do you use the original unedited still (besides the removal of the black border) or do you enhance or sharpen it it any way?

      5. Im not sure what the mac alternative to irfanview is. I use DVD or Blu Ray, depending on the movie and what I have access to, I dont manipulate the image at all. With BLu Rays I save lower resolution because otherwise the site would take forever to load.

  58. Thankyou random & anonymous internet person! This is such a great site, thankyou for doing this. You should definitely put a donate and wishlist link right at the top of the page for people to send you films, rather than all the requests. This is such a big process to have to do for all of these films so I’d be amazed if people didn’t pay a little bit back.

  59. This site is a phenomenal reference. Might I suggest a contemporary cinematographer whose works has been far too overlooked? Antonio Calvache, for my money one of the best in the world right now. In The Bedroom, Little Children, and the terribly underrated The Words, a movie you might want to have a look at for you blog. It is a film of stunning imagery and colors, almost from another time. It’s some of the most beautiful photographic work I’ve seen in years.

  60. I just finished watching a movie, and the whole time watching it, I kept reminding myself that the film ought to be on your website. The film was A Man and A Woman (1966), the shots are GORGEOUS!! French New Wave has the most beautiful filming, and this film was no exception. Its photography reminds me of Stalker and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

  61. it’s a really great collection u did a really good job ,, thank you 🙂

    hope u add all the top 250 films from IMDB

  62. okay, i’m about to suggest away to make your life more difficult. sorry. but going through your archive I can see how there might be a need for some people to find films by genre/theme. i.e. films about music/ female centric films/ psychological thrillers and so on…

  63. Hi dd, its a good suggestion Ive considered it before, in theory its an easy thing to implement, but it starts to get tricky with what falls into what genre. I don’t like to generalise (there is only one genre on my ipod “good music”) mainly because I’m not good at it. Can you elaborate on how you would see it implemented, by which i mean how many genre tags would/should a film have roughly? And give some examples. If I can wrap my head around a way thats helpful (and easy) I will for sure get on it

    1. Hi Jonas! I dedicate January to the best looking films of the year before so absolutely expect Only God Forgives and Mud to show up there. Bronson is a great looking film and I have all the stills picked for it, will be uploading them next batch of uploads (a month or 2)

  64. I just stumbled upon this site, and it’s safe to say I’m very impressed. I was wondering, could you put up stills for The Game, The Yards, and The Bling Ring in the near future (as if you can’t tell, I’m a big Harris Savides fan)?

  65. Howdy!

    I havent seen it, but i will check it out. Will hopefully be doing a documentary week at some point this year so its a definite possibility

  66. Hi, loved your site. May I suggest The Broken Circle Breakdown (2012), Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013), Jagten (2012).

  67. Good call, I heard them talk about broken circle breakdown on Filmspotting and Im intrigued to see it. Blue is the warmest color will be up very soon, and Jagten is another Ive been meaning to watch but have menaged to not get around to! Thanks for the suggestions

    1. or better yet – your top five Looking Films, and your top five favorite overall. I’d love to hear that

  68. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this title yet but, you should seriously consider adding Luc Besson’s Subway.

  69. You should also add Besson’s La Dernier Combat, La Femme Nikita, The Fifth Element, Angel-A, and The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec.

    And since you have Beineix’s brilliant Betty Blue, you should also add his other masterpiece, Diva (the rest of his films are a bit of a mixed bag, though they often contain some beautiful images, especially in Moon In The Gutter).

    Some additional Bergman choices that would make great additions are Fanny and Alexander, Hour Of The Wolf (my introduction to his brilliant works of art), Cries and Whispers, Sawdust and Tinsel (his first real masterpiece), and his “god trilogy” (Through A Glass Darkly, Winter Light, and The Silence).

    To be honest, I could easily list a 1,000 brilliantly artistic films, without even having to think about it (I am a serious movie junky, avid collector, and true cinephile).

    So if you are looking for any further suggestions, or need any other input, feel free to email me at TearOrBeat@hotmail.com

    1. Thanks so much for the recommendations! Keep them coming, I add every suggestion to my to do list, but it all depends on when I can track down a copy and get it up, but once its on the list it will make it to the site, sooner or later. SO keep them coming, love to hear them!

      P.S. Diva is up http://film-grab.com/2013/11/05/diva/

  70. I love this site so much! Thank you for doing this. I do wish you could search by genre though.

    Keep up the great work!!

  71. Can you PLEASE do ‘Under the Skin’ there are some amazing shots in that film

  72. This site is amazing. I love it!

    A couple to add to the list. I’d love to see Catch Me If You Can, The Ice Storm, Three Colors: Blue, Ghostbusters

  73. Great website! Could you please add American Gangster (2007) and The Bank Job (2008) i would really appreciate it because i’m having trouble finding good stills for both of those movies

  74. Could you please add Hedwig and the Angry Inch? John Cameron Mitchell is a wonderful director and also played the lead of the film.

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  76. Nice that you are open for requests. I have just watched Uzak (English title: Distant) by Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan and it is beautifully shot, which directly reminded me to check out whether there are stills of it on this side. Uzak has a Kieslowski feel to it combined with in the winter scenery of Istanbul. I hope to find it here someday and I’m sure you’ll pick the best visuals as usual if you decide to publish it 🙂 And even if you don’t. The movie is definitely worth a watch… Anyway, great work sir. Thank you for putting so much effort

  77. Brilliant resource, thank you SO much for compiling this and sharing it!

    Could you add Timur Bekmambetov’ s Night Watch? (and Day Watch too if poss?)
    And a few more Mike Leigh titles? (Happy Go Lucky, Abigail’s Party, Secrets and Lies, Another Year, Life is Sweet)

    Thank you!

  78. Could you please add Mathieu Amalric’s film ”Tournée” and Julian Schnabel’s ”The Diving bell and the butterfly”???

  79. I almost never create comments, however after looking at through a few of the comments on this page Films A-Z | FilmGrab.

    I do have 2 questions for you if it’s allright. Could it be just me or does
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  80. Наравне и большинство фильмов Disney, [b]«Земля будущего»[/b] напоминает поход в сквер развлечений — он, возможно, и оставит о себе приятные воспоминания, однако во второй единожды туда уже не пойдешь, захочется чего-то нового.

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  81. can you add ”Pink Floyd’s The Wall” and ”Inland Empire”. Thank you very muhc

  82. Let’s try this again….

    Two beautiful films not yet here are “The Ice Storm” (1997) and “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot” (1974)

    1. Ice storm just went up (it was in the queue but you bumped it up) thunderbolt will be up in a while*

      *a while could take longer than a while

  83. I would LOVE to see Russian Ark. Such an admirer of your consistency, your selections and your eye.

  84. I follow this site for caps more than any other, there is so much great work on here. Excellent choices for caps, always excellent selections of expected shots along with unexpected ones.

    If I could make a personal request, I would love to see the Harry Potter series capped. Not so much for the first two, but I’d love to see caps for Prisoner of Azkaban, Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince, and both Deathly Hallows parts. There aren’t too many screencap sites that have caps for those films unfortunately.

  85. Would be great to see Return to Oz capped on here. And the new Macbeth looks stunning from the trailer.

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  87. Could you Please Add:

    – Un 32 août sur terre (1998) (Denis Villeneuve)
    – Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (2010) (Apichatpong Weerasethakul)
    – Pink Floyd The Wall (1982) (Alan Parker)

    Thanks a lot

  88. Hi, sometime last year I was the one who requested for Harry Potter screencaps (unless others also asked). This site is, sincerely, by far my favorite website for screencaps. I check this place literally every day for new updates. I just wanted to say thanks for finally getting around to the series (I can only imagine how difficult maintaining a site like this is), and I also wanted to say something else just to get your own input on it.

    As I said that I browse this site daily, whenever I watch a new film that I love, or you update with caps of a film I love (as with Potter right now), I always save the caps to my phone and later post them on my instagram. Now, I’m sure what your answer to my question will be, but would you like/prefer for me to include links to this site whenever I post caps from here? As I presumed your answer would undoubtedly be yes, I just wanted to say that as a heads up (for lack of better phrasing).

  89. Sharing the love and boosting the sites visibility is always appreciated but by no means a necessity. Do it when you can, and don’t sweat it when you can’t

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  92. Ciekawy blog. Uwielbiam tu wracać bo każdy twój wpis czytam z ciekawością. Twoje notki czyta się lekko co sprawia że człowiek się nie męczy czytając go. Tak trzymaj.

  93. Ciekawy blog. Lubię tu wracać bo wszystkie wpisy czytam z uwagą. Twoje notki czyta się z przyjemnością co sprawia że człowiek się nie męczy siedząc tutaj. Oby tak dalej.

  94. Thank you for this! I’ve signed up on your patronage profile. (You need to push that more on your home page cause it’s hard to find!) but I wanted to request (like everyone else) The Great Beauty from Paolo Sorrentino. Beautiful film. If you haven’t seen it I’m sure you’ll love it

  95. Requests: Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan (1982, dir. N. Meyer), Star Trek (2009, dir. Abrams), Star Trek Into Darkness (2013, dir. Abrams), White Hunter, Black Heart (1990, dir. C.Eastwood),
    Nixon (1995, dir. O. Stone), Any Given Sunday (1999; dir. O. Stone), Election (1999; dir. A. Payne), The Swimmer (1968, dir. S. Pollack (ncr.))

  96. It would be good if introduced a system of key words (tags)
    For example looking for footage blue writing #blue,the search engine shows all the footage of blue. Or #auto and get all the frames where there is a car.)

  97. Request for Herbert Ross’ “Pennies from Heaven” (1981), pretty please. Also Ridley Scott’s “The Duellists” (1977), Jerry Schatzberg’s “Scarecrow” (1973), Alan Parker’s “Angel Heart” (1987), and Michael Ritchie’s “Prime Cut” (1972).

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  98. Is there any chance the Star Wars Prequels will be uploaded? And Stalingrad 2013? Thanks!

  99. F*ck these ads that wont even let you mute them. It’s like being force fed pills. This site would be better if you could mute that sh*t.

  100. Just wanted to thank you so much for creating this website, its super useful for both creative purposes (I personally use it for color studies for paintings) and being able to explore the best parts of cinema :)), im sure you have plenty of requests, but when you do get to it can you please add the great gatsby (70s version) and slumdog millionaire, thank you so so much :)))

  101. Love your website!
    If I may suggest one movie, it would have to be ‘La Grande Bellezza’ (2013).
    I am kind of surprised that this movie hasnt found its place yet on this website.
    Keep up the great work!

  102. Thanks so much for all your hard work. Your site is a fantastic resource for a photographer/DP.

    If you have the time, I’d love to see ‘Clueless’ featured on here.

  103. Any and all from director John Cassavetes would be a grand addition please! HUSBANDS, WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE, and KILLING OF A CHINESE BOOKIE for starters perhaps?

  104. Been visiting this page for a couple of years now and it’s been an endless source of inspiration for me as a lover of film and cinematography, so thanks a lot for it! Was recently wondering if you’d ever add West Side Story on here, have you considered it? That’d be so sweet 😉

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