Director: David Fincher

Director of Photography: Harris Savides

Production Design: Donald Graham Burt

Costume Design: Casey Storm

Year: 2007

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2 Replies to “Zodiac”

  1. Definitely one of my favourite films of the decade, I’m really amazed by what Harris Savides is able to pull of in the highly stylised category (This, Birth etc) and then in underlit naturalistic settings (Last Days, Greenberg).

    I read that Savides and Fincher wanted to keep the film as visually unremarkable as possible, might I just say that I think they failed if that was the goal. Sure the focus is quite deep on all the shots (Fincher maintains a distance from his subjects) but I have to say that the lighting is suitable moody in the necessary scenes and then suitably bland in the office scenes.

    Rather Unsurprisingly my favourist scenes are the Lake Berryessa Scene and the one in the Basement. As a single shot I like 21. Cameras, because it really displays the precision evident in all of Finchers works.

    Is it just me or does 31.Toschi look like it belongs in Vertigo?

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