Director: Steven Soderbergh

Director of Photography: Peter Andrews

Production Design: Doug J. Meerdink

Costume Design: Shoshana Rubin

Year: 2009

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One Reply to “The Informant!”

  1. I decided to post this as both an extension to and a response to Kubrick week. I have many arguments with one of my friends over the wildly different approaches of Soderbergh and Kubrick to directing. But here in the Informant! there are a lot of visual similarites.

    I think what is obviously so striking about this film is the colours, Soderbergh pushes the Orange and Teal phenomenon to breaking point. In the film the colours jar with each other and I guess are kind of ugly from the outside, but I really think it give the film a beautiful look.

    The film was shot on the Red One and looks really amazing, I guess thats what you get when your director is so gifted both artistically and technically.

    There are 2 shots (21 and 22) that I find really amazing, its great to see Soderbergh having fun and reminding us it’s just a movie! I also love the look of the scene where Mark gets out of prison, the palette is so different, but really amazing!

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