Director: Shane Meadows

Director of Photography: Danny Cohen

Production Design: Adam Tomlinson

Year: 2004

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One Reply to “Dead Man’s Shoes”

  1. You have made some excellent choices here man, some wonderful stills. This is one of my all time favorite movies, it is so evocative. I takes me through so many emotions im a nervous wreck by the time its over. It dosent stop me watching it loads though! Did you see le donk and scor-say-zee? Thats also an excellent film (not that he’s made a bad one!) Its good to see Paddy in a role like that, he’s one of our finest actors. Did you hear there teaming up again in the next year or so to make a Bartley Gorman biopic? I can’t wait for that, he’s a really interesting character. Check out the short film Shane Meadows made about him on youtube if you haven’t already. I watched it again recently and im convinced that Paddy C based his character in Room for Romeo Brass on him, Well not the whole character, more the accent and vocal rhythms. let me know what you think.

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