Dir: Wes Anderson

DoP: Robert Yeoman

Year: 1998

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5 thoughts on “Rushmore

  1. I worked with Robert Yeoman on a film called CQ by Roman Coppola
    Dean Tavoularis did the sets not a great film but check it out if you can get hold of it

  2. CQ is something I’ve meant to get for ages, it’s not available here on DVD and Im not sure about the aspect ratio of the region 1 DVD…. I’m sure I will get it at some stage.

  3. Yeah I order a lot of region 1 DVDs from amazon… just a matter of when I get the money to do so.

    I will be doing a Cassavetes week at some point I’m sure, but I don’t have husbands on DVD so maybe Ill wait to get it!

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