Director: Christopher Nolan

Director of Photography: Wally Pfister

Production Design: Guy Hendrix Dyas

Costume Design: Jeffrey Kurland

Year: 2010

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  1. I was about to start doing that on the film I love for study purpose and then I just found your incredible website! Thanks so much for all the work and making this available to all of us. If it is not too much to ask and easily possible, could a zip archive per film be made available? Anyway keep it up! This is a great ressource!

  2. Thanks for all the work put on this great resource! If it is not too much to ask and easy to do, could you provide a zip archive in the future entries? It is such a great study material! Anyway, keep up the great work, this is amazing!

    1. Hi, I used to have everything zip archived, but that server went down. Working on reuploading them all but its quite a lot of work, just organising and relinking every post on the site… I hope to get it all back soon though. Glad you like the site

      1. Working on it now, hopefully get to inception today or tomorrow, have to do everything alphabetically to try keep track of it all!

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