Director: Gus Van Sant

Director of Photography: Christopher Doyle

Production Design: Tom Foden

Costume Design: Beatrix Aruna Pasztor

Year: 1998

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4 Replies to “Psycho”

  1. I wish you would stop dignifying this film by writing about it. Everyone should pretend that this film never existed. It’s a disgusting movie. Anne Heche was too young to play Marion Crane, and all the other actors in the movie were too old for their parts.

  2. I happen to think its a remarkable film, I wrote my college dissertation on it. It was made precisely because the very notion of remaking something as sacrosanct as “Psycho” evidently gets peoples feathers rustled.

    1. It’s not the fact that it’s a remake that people slam this film, it’s the fact that it’s a disgusting movie and every actor in it is horribly miscast.

      1. Then why are you taking such issue with a film thats 15 years old, surely there have been other films before then and after then that have been “disgusting” and people have been miscast in?

        What exactly disgusts you?

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