Director: Eric Rohmer

Director of Photography: Néstor Almendros

Production Design: Nicole Rachline

Year: 1969

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Purchase My Night At Maud’s from Amazon U.S.

2 Replies to “My Night At Maud’s (Ma Nuit Chez Maud)”

  1. Whilst researching, after watching or rewatching, every film I consider to be good or great; 9 times out of 10 I come across one of your posts on IMDB. I don’t use facebook or twitter, so It’s become added into research habits to always have a look at your ‘visual synopses’ when a post of yours comes up on IMDB. 3 of the last movies I watched were My Night with Maud, Thirst and Alien3 (Special Edition), so I felt I had to comment in some way.
    Whereas a bit of discussion, a critical essay, an interview and/or a detailed plot outline can help to ‘know’ a film, and store it in one’s mind, along with some closure on its themes, etc., your posts enable one to capture wordlessly the essence of a film’s atmosphere and tone (in the context of having seen the film).

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