Director: Jane Campion

Director of Photography: Greig Fraser

Production Design: Janet Patterson

Costume Design: Janet Patterson

Year: 2009

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One Reply to “Bright Star”

  1. Funny, I was teaching at a film school and in a team building meeting, each of the faculty was asked to recommend a movie they’d seen recently. I offered Bright Star, which has since become an all time favorite of mine. One of the cine teachers, most of whose experience had been as an AC, shouted out, “are you kidding? the whole thing was out of focus!” as the other poseurs nodded. While most films have a buzzed shot or two the filmmakers choose to use for its other virtues, to condemn the photography in this incredibly beautifully shot film broke my heart. More than that, as an ode to love, from the cat who loved the butterflies to the servants who loved the music, the cinematography was perfectly pitched to this inspiring idea.

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