Dir: Randal Kleiser

DoP: Bill Butler

Year: 1978

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5 thoughts on “Grease

  1. Haven’t seen this one in a while but I loved it as a kid, so I enjoyed this trip down memory lane. That said, looks like a very different image from another film (Amour, perhaps?) wound up in the mix!

  2. Thanks! And I know what you mean. And the funny part is, sometimes the more I add to my watchlist the less I actually watch it haha. I’ve got stuff in my Netflix queue which has been hovering around the top 30 for nearly a decade. That’s one thing I like about specific lists, though – sometimes they’ll spur me to get through a bunch of titles that otherwise would have languished.

    As for specific requests, how about caps from the new “Missing Pieces” addendum to Fire Walk With Me coming out in a couple weeks? I won’t have the capability to get screen-caps from a blu-ray myself so I’d love to see someone do it who does.

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