Director: Randal Kleiser

Director of Photography: Bill Butler

Production Design: Philip M. Jefferies

Costume Design: Albert Wolsky

Year: 1978

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5 Replies to “Grease”

  1. Haven’t seen this one in a while but I loved it as a kid, so I enjoyed this trip down memory lane. That said, looks like a very different image from another film (Amour, perhaps?) wound up in the mix!

    1. Thanks for the heads up, it can happen from time to time, really appreciate it.

      Glad it was a nice trip down memory lane!

      Lemme know if you’ve any requests

      1. Oh wow! Great list, Some stuff I’ve been meaning to check out FOREVER! So I thank you, but my “to-watch” list doesnt as its fit to burst at the moment!

        Great site by the way!!!

  2. Thanks! And I know what you mean. And the funny part is, sometimes the more I add to my watchlist the less I actually watch it haha. I’ve got stuff in my Netflix queue which has been hovering around the top 30 for nearly a decade. That’s one thing I like about specific lists, though – sometimes they’ll spur me to get through a bunch of titles that otherwise would have languished.

    As for specific requests, how about caps from the new “Missing Pieces” addendum to Fire Walk With Me coming out in a couple weeks? I won’t have the capability to get screen-caps from a blu-ray myself so I’d love to see someone do it who does.

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