Far From The Madding Crowd

Dir: Thomas Vinterberg

DoP: Charlotte Bruus Christensen

Year: 2015

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Things To Consider

  • This film is overflowing with absolutely breath taking landscapes. The countryside, it’s natural beauty, the romantic way which it is shot is key to understanding both Bathsheba and Gabriel. While both have a love of their environment Bathsheba sees a frivolity in nature, it is there to be used, but also to be enjoyed. Gabriel on the other hand can only see practical uses for his surroundings. Throughout the film both their views are challenged and slowly they come to understand one another.
  • Francis’ seduction of Bathsheba with the sword has a different look to most of the rest of the film. Their meeting in the forest is presented as a simulated evening time, the blues coming through the tree’s are slightly unnatural, the greens a deeper, richer shade than we have seen in the film. This use of artifice helps us understand Bathsheba’s attraction to Francis, this is all new to her and she is experiencing something different and exciting. It also helps foreshadow Francis’ unsuitability as a husband, he represents artifice, while Bathsheba’s world is on e of natural beauty.
  • To what degree do the Romantic painters influence the visuals in Far From the Madding Crowd? Take a look at the works of John Constable for example, who was depicting the English countryside of a similar period, I think the influence of Romantic art is evident.

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