Crimson Peak

Dir: Guillermo Del Toro

DoP: Dan Laustsen

Year: 2015

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Things To Consider

  • Stunning use of colour here, bold, compelling and atmospheric. The red of the clay, the pure white snow, Edith’s striking straw coloured hair. Del Toro is a real master, I love the creepy green tones of Edith’s candlelit exploration of the house. Notice too how Edith’s life before coming to Crimson Peak is considerably more golden.
  • The house itself is absolutely stunning. Here intricate detail make a house that doesn’t really make architectural sense, or practical sense at least, a real living breathing wonder. Production design was by Thomas E. Sanders who also designed Coppola’s Dracula, another lush gothic horror/romance.
  • Del Toro is unafraid to refence other films, we can see big nods to Nosferatu, Silence of the Lambs, The Shining, Notorious even his own The Devils Backbone, Thomas’ ghost complete with floating blood bears a strong resemblance to Santi’s ghost.

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