Dir: Derek Jarman

DoP: Derek Jarman

Year: 1994

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Things To Consider

  • Glitterbug is in fact a post mortem tribute to Jarman, assembled by his friends from home movies he shot over his lifetime. We see glimpses of his other features as well as home movie footage. It’s a sweet and tender insight into Jarman as an artist and as a person. If we explore some of the images we get a better sense of what makes him such a compelling artist.
  • For me Jarman is defined by these two opposing interests, that which is natural and that which is stylised and theatrical. In many ways this is one of the great strengths of cinema, to be able to present these two opposing views simultaneously.
  • Jarman’s 8mm home movies would pop up in other features and we can see he was entranced by the countryside, the natural beauty of it. Play this against the heightened costumes, makeup and even larger than life acting choices, how often he will pose his actors in statuesque iconic and unnatural poses makes for a really interessting and dynamic contrast.

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