Dir: Godfrey Reggio

DoP: Ron Fricke

Year: 1982

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Things To Consider

  • A visual tone poem, an experimental documentary that contains some of the most awe inspiring images of the natural and man made world Koyaanisquatsi  was bound to show up on the site.
  • Despite there being no dialogue or narration it’s very clear from the images chosen, the manner of shooting, and the juxtaposition of these images in the editing where the filmmaker’s sympathies lie. The sheer scope and scale of human expansion on this planet is mind boggling at times.
  • The film isn’t quite as simple as “Humanity bad, nature good” For every shot of byzantine freeways and towering skyscrapers there are portraits of humans from every walk of life. These portraits are not cynical but sympathetic, they offer us a brief insight into the lives that fill these cities, and show us the tip of the iceberg of the subcultures and lifestyles that make up the patchwork quilt of modern society.

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