The Man Who Fell To Earth

Dir: Nicolas Roeg

DoP: Anthony B. Richmond

Year: 1976

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Things To Consider

  • As a master of creating odd external and internal landscapes, Roeg really is the perfect director to bring this story to screen. Look at the creation of the world Thomas lands on. Semi rural, small town, already there’s a sense of decay and downturn. Roeg slowly reveals the more supernatural, elements of the story. Compare Roeg’s depiction of landscape in this and Walkabout
  • How Roeg shoots Bowie is really fascinating, imbuing the already distinctive actor with a true sense of other worldliness. Roeg uses distorted reflection to highlight the strangeness of his body, lens flare and unusual framing to highlight his status as an outsider and even allows him to break the fourth wall giving his alien true power.
  • Roeg chooses not to make Thomas’ homeworld too different looking from our own, its a little more overexposed but its an artifice we can identify. By highlighting the similarities in the worlds Roeg is allowed to infuse the whole world of the film with an alien nature.

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