The Girl Can’t Help It

Dir: Frank Tashlin

DoP: Leon Shamroy

Year: 1956

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Things To Consider

  • The most obvious thing to look at is the gorgeous and expressive use of colour. Tashlin made movies, he wasn’t trying to represent life, the colour here is larger than life, unnatural but undeniably gorgeous.
  • The band sequences are rightfully iconic, definitely take a look at how they’re constructed. Tashlin takes huge inspiration from theatrical/nightclub performances, using spotlights, stage curtains etc. and presents them in a clear and stylish manner, often letting the songs and performances speak for themselves.
  • I really must point out how much of David Lynch’s DNA can be found in this film. Obviously there are a lot of parallels between this and Mulholland Drive, the dancers over the opening credits is a clear influence, but it certainly goes beyond this. Think about Blue Velvet’s nightclub scenes, the shady projection room of Lost Highway, Alice Wakefield from Lost Highway definitely bears more than a slight resemblance to Jayne Mansfield here. What do you think it was about this film that had such a huge influence on Lynch?

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