Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Dir: Tim Burton

DoP: Dariusz Wolski

Year: 2007

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Things To Consider

  • There are obvious challenges and opportunities when adapting a stage musical to screen, especially one as well known as Sweeney Todd. How does Burton approach these challenges? Much of the Musical is centered around one building, and even one room. How does Burton manage to keep the film visually interesting despite this limitation? 
  • The film is massively desaturated and many shots could have been shot in black and white. There are moments when the colour pops in the main story, Adolfo (Sacha Baron Cohen) is a naturally colourful character, Sweeney’s backstory is overexposed and colourful, and there’s a colourfulness to Mrs. Lovett’s plans.
  • Are Tim Burton’s distinctive fingerprints visible on this film? Where are they, and what are they? There is a notion of something being Burtonesque, but I think Burton is more interesting than the few tropes people ascribe to him. What about this film is Burtonesque?

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