Alice in Wonderland

Dir: Tim Burton

DoP: Dariusz Wolski

Year: 2010

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Things To Consider

  • I was a little hesitant to approach this one, as I remember not being impressed by all the green screened sets when this was released, but watching again in the context of Burton’s career I’ve found a lot to appreciate about it.
  • As always Burton’s use of colour is exemplary. He manages to create multiple different kingdoms within wonderland, each with a unique look and colour palette, even within the real world he shows a wonderful command of colour. Special mention to production designer Robert Stromberg and costume designer Colleen Atwood who masterfully help realise this world.
  • How is this film like other depictions of the now very famous story of Alice in Wonderland, and how is it different? There are many iterations of this story, from the very famous Disney animated version (which this takes many cues from) to stranger entries such as Jan Švankmajer’s Alice, one could even argue that Pan’s Labyrinth is a dark take on this tale.

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