Lady Snowblood

Dir: Toshiya Fujita

DoP: Masaki Tamura

Year: 1973

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Things To Consider

  • Colour is key here, note the white, the purple, the green and of course the red that we come to associate with Yuki. She stands out in every shot she’s in because everyone else is dressed dark and drab. Notice during the final showdown Yuki’s colour scheme has bled into the surroundings, the bright party, the stained glass window. Yuki’s story is coming full circle but not without having disastrous effects. 
  • This is an obvious influence on Kill Bill, Tarantino happily lifted a lot of imagery for his own tale of revenge. Snowy gardens, geysers of blood, even the training sequence is mirrored in Kill Bill. Some shots are even lifted directly, look at the shot of the villains looking down at Yuki’s fathers corpse, it is mirrored in how the assassin squad stand over the Bride.

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