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  1. I’m really enjoying this website, especially the Lawrence of Arabia, Black Narcissus and Citizen Kane pictures. Could you please upload stills from “The Song of Bernadette” 1943 and “The Sound of Music?”

  2. I have a Great story outline to show. It is copyrighted. I want someone with “juice” to read it.
    My good friend with 2 Emmys to his credit, Told me it was fantastic story, Make the screen play. I can not build rockets either. Can someone help me. Get it to the right eyes, Please

  3. Hello-really excellent site…..I thank whomever was involved in its formation. Incidentally a film sadly omitted from the otherwise marvelous collection, I Melt With You, from Mark Pellington is well worth looking at and uploading. Photography by Eric Schmidt. Thank you.

  4. This is a FANTASTIC site for anyone interested in film composition, cinematography and art in general. Thank you for sharing this resource.

  5. cool choices, cool stills.
    just really really sad about the massive compression, really hurts many of the stills.
    i understand you have to save bandwith, but this is a cinephile’s attempt, is it not?

  6. You should check out the film Keoma. It’s an 1970s Italian western with Franco Nero and directed by Enzo Castellari. Some great landscape shots and powerful imagery.

  7. Any idea where I could buy stills like this?

    I’ve searched the Internet and found various prints. But what I’m looking for is stills of great bits of cinematography. Exactly like the shots you show on your site.

    I know I could just Google image search and drag pics off, but they won’t be good enough quality to frame and put on the wall.


    1. I don’t really know to be honest, I don’t sell anything here. I guess the best thing would be to figure out what you want and maybe contact the distributor. For a lot of these films there isn’t really the market for stills, unfortunately

  8. Thanks for the reply. It looks like the BFI might have some, they have a stills archive.

    I’ve emailed them, I’ll let you know how I get on.


  9. Someone’s probably asked you this already, but I’m too lazy to investigate;

    Will you ever add ANY Kurosawa film to this ‘site?

  10. Hello. This is a fantastic resource – thank you to its creator. I’m interested in using some of the film stills you’ve compiled for a new film blog for the purposes of film criticism and commentary. Is it ok to use the stills for this purpose? Do I need to seek permission for each film still I use? Thanks again.

    1. No no, work away the stills are there to be used. I’d appreciate a link back or a share on your social media but it’s not a requirement. Let me know when your posts are live id love to see how you use them

  11. Hi there, this is a really great resource, I’ve spent so much time here and I really appreciate this archiving. Do you think you’d be able to upload in a higher resolution by any chance? Like the Bluescreens guy did. Also do you know of any more organised screen still collectors out there I’d love to check them out as well.

  12. Thank you so much. I am a Matte painter (honored that a few of my shots have made your selects!!) – My husband is an art director and we use your site all the time for inspiration. So THANK YOU for taking the time and keeping the site so elegant. Just made a donation. Cheers!

  13. I don’t want to be a bother, but I wonder if they could ever have search tags like “Establishing” “Close ups” “two shot”…. something along those lines. – Could be a lot of work, I don’t know.

  14. I once bought a three carat diamond ring for a girl named Randi in Houston Through it in a river once it fell through

  15. I really love this website and I like to get inspiration by opening a lot of random posts. But lately, this link just opens the same film over and over again… :/ any way to fix this?

  16. Can you make the random post update faster ( since if you click on it in short interval it’s just going to take you back to the previously shown one )
    Also please make it a button I can access on the menu bar . Having to click twice ( one on the tab , another on the dude face ) is annoying

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