Director: David Lynch

Director of Photography:Frederick Elmes

Production Design: Patricia Norris

Year: 1986

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6 Replies to “Blue Velvet”

  1. Blue Velvet is in my rotating top 3 films of all time.

    Everything about the film seems to confuse the viewer as to when it was set, and that definitely includes the way in which it was shot. Much of the action plays out in wide shots (take a look at how we see Dorothy and Ben’s apartments) which is reminiscint of how films from the 50’s would be shot.

    When we contrast that with both the content and scenes that seem to be very much of the time (Dorothy singing in the club) the result is one that seems to to be a staple of Lynch movies…confusion.

    My favourite scene is Ben’s Apartment and my favourite single shot is marked “Blue Velvet” it’s of Dorothy, lit extremely blue, against the red curtains.

  2. The colors in Blue Velvet are so strong, particularly the pinks and the reds. It’s a beautiful film, thank you for posting it!

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