The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford

Dir: Andrew Dominik

DoP: Roger Deakins

Year: 2007

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5 thoughts on “The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford

  1. A simply stunning film that was really unfairly overlooked on it’s cinematic release, thankfully people seem to be coming around to this gem.

    Deakins use of diegetic light here is perfect, and displayed no more perfectly than in the train heist scene which has to be one of the most amazingly constructed scenes in recent memory.

    There is a recurring motif which can be seen in the stills posted (and a lot more that I deleted) of the exteriors being shot through doorways or window frames.

    I didnt rely too heavily on posting the shots with the abberated (Is that a word?) edges, they are really beautiful, but frankly could be a post unto themselves!

  2. There Will Be Blood has some amazing cinematography, that much is definitely certain.

    But one look at any one of these stills and you’ll see who the clear winner for the ’07 Oscars should’ve been.

  3. I came to the comments to ask you guys about that vaseline on the lens aberration and what the heck is it. It crossed my ming they might have used period glass for certain scenes. I’ll check that link now.

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