Director: Wim Wenders

Director of Photography: Robby Müller

Production Design: Kate Altman

Costume Design: Birgitta Bjerke

Year: 1984

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9 Replies to “Paris, Texas”

  1. I posted this on IMDB in response to the original post there. I’ll repost it here:

    This is one of the most visually stunning films ever produced, in my opinion. I know nothing of cinematography, how did they get those beautiful, vibrant colors? Was it the lenses and film they used, time of day they filmed, artificial lighting, special effects in the editing room, all of the above?

    Hands down, best photography work in a feature film.

  2. I really dig this blog. I get exited every time i see your ‘cinematography’ post on IMDB. While watching the movie i was hoping that you posted one about this film. glad you did.

  3. Are these captures from The Criterion DVD or The 20th Century Fox DVD?

    I own the blu-ray of this film and as much as I love the quality of it, I really dig the bright vibrant colors in your screenshots.

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