Director: Terrence Malick

Director of Photography: Tak Fujimoto

Production Design: Jack Fisk

Costume Design: Rosanna Norton

Year: 1973

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7 Replies to “Badlands”

  1. For me Badlands is probably one of the most influential films on both my tastes and my approach to filmmaking.

    The film’s low budget meant that it had to be shot (and lit) in a very unfussy manner. There is very little camera movement but it really doesn’t matter Malick composes his images in such a precise and beautiful manner.

    The film captures the almost fairtale beauty of nature, and so much of the framing seems related to the idea of man trying to make an impact on the world in which we live. Strange man made objects (Signs, windmills, water pumps) dot the barren landscape.

    My favourite scene is probably the whole section in the forest, and my favourite shot is the one labelled 14.Sign, which acts as a frame within a frame.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, I really love both the visual approach and the narrative approach and how they are so intertwined.. Keep an eye out for Days Of Heaven which I will be posting soon enough… followed inevitably by TRL (not total request live) & TNW!

  2. Thanks for including this one. I love it : The deadpan naturalistic acting, the wonderfully eclectic score and the constantly brilliant use of landscapes. The outstanding scene (of so many) is the house-burning. It’s truly disturbing but at the same time so captivating and beautiful with so many touching little human details.
    Every time I watch it gives me the chills.
    Of the shots you pick out here I’m struck by 39. Rich Guys House which looks for all the world like a Jack Vettriano painting! The style and composition is very similar. Maybe Jack, like so many, has been influenced by Malick ?

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