Director: Christopher Nolan

Director of Photography: Wally Pfister

Production Design: Nathan Crowley

Costume Design: Joan Bergin

Year: 2006

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5 Replies to “The Prestige”

  1. I had actually forgotten how handheld this movie was. Nolan’s approach to The Prestige drops us right into the action, keeping us right in the middle of all the backstage discussions and fighting.

    This approach works perfectly, because The Prestige though set in “the real world” requires at least one major leap of faith from the audience. The camera work all serves to bring us into the world and help us make that leap.

    There are also some very stylised scenes that manage to look beautiful and composed without being too jarring. The funeral scene being an example, and when any of the tricks are being staged.

    Very little green is seen in the film, so when it is present (Tesla’s balcony, searching for Fallon) it is really effective. My favourite scene and shot is the field of bulbs, which has a completely otherworldly feel to it. I am also fond of 30.Transported Man, it is simultaneously simple, precise and symetrical.

  2. I watched the movie last night closely, the narration, the flash back sequence, which requires lots of inter cutting none of them used Slow motion sequence, which a normal usual filmmaker essentially go for- bringing that kind of complex story telling. Nolan a genius for bringing a unique way of presentation. A Well edited movie.

  3. I think my mind melted the first time I saw this film, as always Nolan has worked out an amazing structural device that enhances the plot.

    Absolutely cannot wait for Inception (and I have happily avoided every piece of publicity about it, except that first trailer)

  4. Nolan always has heaps of fun with vanishing points. Even here when he doesn’t have a sweeping city-scape to work with.

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