Director: David Cronenberg

Director of Photography: Mark Irwin

Production Design: Carol Spier

Costume Design: Denise Cronenberg

Year: 1986

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5 Replies to “The Fly”

  1. The idea that someone has to be messed up to make a messed up film is something I’ve been really interested in, to that ends I am trying to write one of the most messed up films ever (and I know I’m a pretty normal guy)

    The Fly is in my rotating top 3 films of all time, I absolutely adore it. The photography itself isnt overly stylised but I think there is enough interesting things happening in the frame that the photography suits it perfectly.

    I had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Cronenberg give a talk in Trinity College. I asked about the rumors surrounding him working on a sequel and he talked a little about it… very excited.

    My favourite shot is either 54. or 55. I like the precision of 54. and the absolute horror as the brundle shell falls off the fly is unreal!

  2. This is a great film, but the only problem with it is that it has no denouement at the end. The fade out into the credits from the last shot really leaves the story hanging. Did Stathis recover from his injuries? How did Veronica recover from all this? What did they do about Brundle’s revolutionary teleportation discovery? Did they tell the outside world about it or did they destroy his invention? Aaaargh!!

  3. Got to disagree with you there!

    The ending and the opening are a huge part of the reason I love this film so much. The story begins exactly when it needs to and finishes exactly where it needs to.

    There is not one scene in this film that could go, its like a perfectly lean piece of steak!

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