Director: Stanley Kubrick

Director of Photography: Geoffrey Unsworth (replaced midway by) John Alcott

Production Design: Ernest Archer & Harry Lange & Anthony Masters

Year: 1968

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Purchase 2001: A Space Odyssey from Amazon U.S.

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    FilmGrab is possibly the best repertoire of cinema screenshots on the internet. The blog has been going for a long time now, meaning that it’s collection of beautiful cinematography is no longer just a great way to waste time, but a significant study into what cinematography means to a picture.
    Anybody interested in framing, lighting, mise en scène and the analysis of visual storytelling can spend hours on this fantastic blog. Here’s a personal favourite: Geoffrey Unsworth and John Alcott’s work for Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey

  2. Read Leonard Wheat’s online essays,”Misconceptions about 2001”& ”Fresh insights into 2001” if you don’t want to buy his 2000 book,”Kubrick’s 2001;A Triple Allegory”,showing all the characters and events are from Homer’s Odyssey and Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra-which also opens at dawn,ending with the sole survivor’s interrupted last supper!

  3. Probably the most beautiful slideshow I’ve ever seen. I’d forgotten just how much Kubrick understood mise-en-scene. We need more directors with this sense of beauty now.

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