Dir: Brian De Palma

DoP: Mario Tosi

Year: 1976

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2 thoughts on “Carrie

    • A lot of people hate De Palma, and I can actually kind of see why… but its the exact things that people hate that make me love him. Carrie is probably my favourite of his movies.

      Carrie’s house in the film, is wonderfully designed and wondefully lit and shot, its here that the best scenes play out. Carrie’s mother has turned the house into her one safe haven from a world that doesn’t understand or accept her, the house (and how it is shot) becomes an extension of her warped view of the world. It was hard to capture here but take a look at the scene when Carrie is leaving to go to the prom, as Margaret gets more and more desperate the camera actually whips to a slightly dutch angle, its a wondeful movement that underpins the mothers state of mind.

      I absolutely love the diopter shots, yes they look strange and so tightly constructed that they highlight the falseness of the film… but I would argue thats one of De Palma’s main preoccupations.

      My favourite scene is 27-29 at the dinner table and my favourite shot is 25. Pig wall (Go figure)

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