Director: Rian Johnson

Director of Photography: Steve Yedlin

Production Design: Jodie Lynn Tillen

Costume Design: Michele Posch

Year: 2005

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5 Replies to “Brick”

  1. What a beautiful film. I just watched it again the other night as I was trying to go to sleep. I didn’t actually sleep, I just stayed up and watched the whole thing.

  2. What I appreciate about the film is that there it doesn’t allow itself to rest on its (admittedly brilliant) gimmick.

    The film is exciting, original and funny, but what strikes me everytime I think about it is the sense of lonliness in the film. Brendan starts and ends the film alone. It’s a nice reminder of how lonely an experience school can be for the people that aren’t easily slotted into one group or another.

    The photography relfects this isolation, the school is never shot in a welcoming fashion and more often than not the two-shots are only used to service conflict, for the most part Brendan is framed in single shots unable to connect with those around him.

    I think my favourite shot is where Brendan finds the brick in the basement, its a wonderfully devised piece using a single source of light and allowing the character to interact and shape the direction of it in a really original way.

  3. I love this movie. Do you think you’ll do Rian Johnson’s other film The Brothers Bloom? He does some neat stuff in that film with the relation between the backgrounds and the mood of the characters.

    1. I will eventually do Brothers Bloom, but it hasnt even been released here on DVD yet so its gonna be a while!

      Can’t wait to see what Johnson and Yedlin do with Sci Fi and time travel!!

  4. Yes! Sci Fi, time travel, Joseph Gordan Levitt, and older Joseph Gordan Levitt played by Bruce Willis! It should be pretty interesting. Johnson’s great at genre films so I’m glad to see him not just repeat himself.

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