Director: Jim Jarmusch

Director of Photography: Robby Müller

Production Design: Bob Ziembicki

Costume Design: Marit Allen

Year: 1995

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4 Replies to “Dead Man”

  1. thanx for the stills ,really great , but I thought there was also a commentary or a review or something like that 🙁

    1. It’s enough work for me to get the posts themselves up on time, I dont really have time to write thoughts on each of the film…

      I guess I am more willing to talk with someone about them if there up for it, so post some thoughts, what do you like about the film, whatt do the visuals mean to you etc.

  2. I love this movie. Everyone who sees this wants to go out and shoot a Black & White film!
    I always thought the opening sequence on the train was one of the finest set-ups: the landscape starts off lush (and presumably green if it were not B&W) and then becomes increasingly more sparse, rugged, and finally barren. This is also reflected in the inside of the train as the passengers start off clean shaven and well dressed (like Blake), but as the sequence progresses the passengers revealed in the cuts become an increasingly rough bunch of frontier men. Its an old gag, but it pays off with Jarmusch’s trademark deadpan style. Only the roughest make it to the end of the line…
    Great movie, and some great screenshots.
    The problem with this website is that I find myself heading off to amazon to buy the dvd’s!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful input there, I really love the opening and closing sequences of this film, the opening is of course wonderfully shot and, very funny I love the grizzled trappers/prospectors, and of course a bit of Crispin Glover oddness.

    The ending really captures Blake’s crossing over, the ocean looks both daunting and inviting, really wonderful stuff.

    Does anyone think the sequence in Machine is very (early) Lynchian?

    (Surely being encouraged to buy great movies is a positive not a negative??)

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