Director: Terrence Malick

Director of Photography: Néstor Almendros (later replaced by) Haskell Wexler

Production Design: Jack Fisk

Costume Design: Patricia Norris

Year: 1978

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5 Replies to “Days Of Heaven”

  1. incredible stuff. That still with the train on the bridge is pretty mindblowing. And i love how on one level, this film is realy all about cutting silage.

  2. Hello
    I have some recommendations with exceptional cinematograohy
    * The Legends of the fall
    * The lord of the rings-the fellowship of the ring
    * The bridges of maddison county
    * Brokeback mountain
    * The notebook

    Awesome work…Keep going mate!!

  3. Is the download link broken? I was certain I’d already grabbed this from you, but a thorough search of my computer brought me back to the post.

    If it is broken, would you mind re-upping?

    Thanks so much. I’m sure the Tree of Life hoopla will be bringing lots of new fans to your site, which is great and deserved. Keep up the good work.

  4. Beautiful selection of shots! Bravo!
    What a visual feast this movie is. Love those train scenes and the feeling of a lost world the whole movie evokes.
    The locust infestation and resulting chaos is one of the best-filmed sequences I can think of. The lighting is just amazing.
    Great movie.

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