Director: Tobe Hooper

Director of Photography: Daniel Pearl

Production Design: Robert A. Burns

Year: 1974

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3 Replies to “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

  1. Fantastic!!

    My favourite shot here is the long shot of the hallway (shot 28) just before Leatherface come out from the slaughterhouse and bludgeons the guy. This angle, in conjunction with the violence, is absolutely beautiful.

    PS: How about screen-shooting a Len Lye film, A Colour Box in particular. It would show just how comprehensive your repertoire is on this blog.

    1. I must confess I had never heard of Len Lye before your post, i had a look at some of his films and they really are quite wonderful, I just fear that stills would do the pieces an absolute disservice, and anyone looking to examine his stuff would be best served taking the few minutes to sit down and enjoy one of the films.

      Thanks for the recommendation!!!

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