Director: Gus Van Sant

Director of Photography: Harris Savides

Year: 2002

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Purchase Gerry from Amazon U.S.

3 Replies to “Gerry”

  1. Hey!

    Just read that suggestion of posting a link to a file with all the stills in it (Buffalo ’66 post), and I think it would be very useful :]

    For instance I come here all the time to get some ideas and end up downloading most of the stills,so I believe some people might do the same when they eventually find out about this blog as well.
    Anyway, congratulations for this great source of ideas and I thought you may want to post something from Christopher Doyle’s work in the future.

    Keep up the great job!

  2. Hi

    Thats all i need to get the ball rolling on having a downloadable folder, once I work out the best hosting site for folders Ill update all the posts for you guys.

    From what I’ve seen of Christopher Doyle I adore his work, he is probably the most talented DP dealing with bright vivid colours today.

    Ill do a post on one of my favourite films of his, which is a controversial one, and thats the Psycho remake. Anyone who would like to send me a Wong Kar Wai boxset is welcome to 🙂

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