Dir: Gustavo Taretto

DoP: Leandro Martínez

Year: 2011

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Things To Consider

  • Sidewalls (Medianeras) is a film all about the disconnection and missed opportunities of modern city life. The opening sequence is a clear statement of intent on this issue. Taretto presents shot after shot of city landscape, skyscrapers set against an impeccable blue sky. The shots are gorgeoues, and even alluring, but underneath there is a sense of hollowness, though these buildings are full of life and stories, there is no real evidence of that from the outside.
  • The compartmentalisation of life also allows an opportunity to play different framing and editing techniques. Taretto has plenty of fun presenting a lot of information about the characters lives and activities. His presentation of these lives mirrors a Facebook profile page as much as it does a Wes Anderson film.
  • Being a comedy also allows for many of the frames to be infused with a real sense of humor. Taretto and Martinez display a unique visual sense of humour. Allowing imagery to help tell a joke or even be the punchline, for instance the reveal of where Martin’s window is. I’m quite confident anyone who hasn’t seen the film would be able to tell quite quickly this film was comedic in nature.

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