Museum Hours

Dir: Jem Cohen

DoP: Jem Cohen & Peter Roehsler

Year: 2012

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Things To Consider

  • Cohen’s roots as a documentary maker are evident, watch how he stages conversation and observes his characters. He manages to get really interesting and unique frames while not getting in the way of the actors, they are the prime focus.
  • How is the museum itself shot? How do the different guests interact with the works? From amazement to indifference, the entire spectrum of involvement is captured here. Watch how the framing helps underpin the guests experience, their relationship between not only the paintings but the space itself. My personal favourite shot in the film Johann almost becomes a seamless part of a painting.
  • During preproduction on the film Cohen set out to explore and document Vienna on his bolex. This was merely intended as an excercise to familiarise himself with the city, but he was so taken by much of the footage that he reworked the film to include much of it. I strongly believe this energy of exploration and discovery infuses the film as a whole.

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