Director: Monte Hellman

Director of Photography: Jack Deerson

Costume Design: Richard Bruno

Year: 1971

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6 Replies to “Two Lane Blacktop”

  1. I really wanted to take a look at Two Lane Blacktop as an example of a film made with very limited resources.

    I think the film is a real testament to Hellman’s ability to keep very familiar scenery interesting. When you consider about 3/4’s of the movie is based in cars and the rest at rest stops, service stations etc. its amazing that the film doesn’t get crazily monotonous.

    Take a look at shot 22 -27 its all shot in and around the service station but the frame is always interesting without being cluttered. I especially love how the supports split up the frames.

    There is a really amazing textural quality to the film, and I would use this as exhibit A in the trial of Film Vs Digital.

  2. Ahh, where would cinema be without Monte Hellman?! Quite unfortunate, cinema’s ignorance of him; there are very few American filmmakers as distinctive and beautiful.

    Also, I like that there’s people out there creating blogs such as these. I also started a blog with the same plan (altlikeness). However, I have to admit your design of displaying images kicks my ass.

  3. Monte (i call him that cus were tight like that) has a new movie coming out at some point this year hopefully, I really cant wait to see it, hopefully he hasn’t lost that something special he has.

    I would really like to cover the Shooting and Cockfight, but the DVD’s aren’t the best quality so I dont know if the stills would be either.

    I like your blog, I didnt realise how much parralel thought was out there, I guess it really goes to show that if you have an idea you better act on it before someone else has the same idea and does. I dont think I would have started this blog if I had waited even a week!

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