Director: Vincent Gallo

Director of Photography: Lance Acord

Production Design: Gideon Ponte

Costume Design: Alexis Scott

Year: 1998

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7 Replies to “Buffalo ’66”

  1. Hello guys (and gals)

    So I’ve been tweaking the site a bit more, at the advice of a good friend I put in a slideshow of the images aswell as the big overview, where you would have access to the original image files if you want to save them for your own use!

    So what do you guys think do you prefer the older layout? Also would it be worth my while posting a link to a folder you can download with all the stills from a given movie in?

    Well on to Buffalo ’66 a really unique film and I was delighted when I got the request (it makes choosing films a lot easier).

    The reversal stock used gives such a beautiful look to the film. Skin tones appear a lot paler than usual and the whites all are very close to becoming blown out. The palette is as such almost exclusively pastels, with even the richest colours (the football gear) appearing washed out.

    I genuinely hadn’t made the connection that this was shot by Lance Acord (shame on me). Lance is an extremely talented DP who shot Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette and all of Spike Jonze’s movies. It seems he has probably been overlooked in the praise for all these movies!

    Well my favourite scene is (of course) the dinner scene and my favourite shot is actually strangly enough 29.The goon… I absolutely love the colours, the goon and the wall are both really pale and compliment each other in a strange way.

  2. What I love about this film is that it is a real triumph of imagination over a meager budget.

    There are some really smart creative ideas in it. There are also loads of mistakes on show but that’s OK. It kind of adds to the charm.

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